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Simplify risk management for service users and industry professionals with our two systems in the YewdaleKestrel® range.

Our magnetic anti-ligature systems are used worldwide and are carefully designed to be 100% fail-safe and aid positive recovery. Different capacity magnets are available to cater for situations where a lighter breakaway point is needed. All systems from the YewdaleKestrel® magnetic anti-ligature range must undergo annual testing, contact your account manager for more information.  Find out more about our magnets here.

We also offer reduced ligature products designed with safety in mind to reduce ligature risk and eliminate the risk of products being used as weapons. Both systems are ideal for mental health settings, care homes and detention centre environments.

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Some YewdaleKestrel® products require specialist installation in order to be fail-safe.

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Testing load release systems

Annual testing and reporting of YewdaleKestrel® load release products will now be managed by Protects Plus. The company has worked closely with us to launch a software package that provides Healthcare Providers with access to annual test reports and be alerted when annual safety load tests are due. 

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Creating safe and healthy environments

across a range of mental health settings

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En-suite SafeDoor

“We now have peace of mind knowing that our service-users can’t self-harm on the en-suite doors - such a relief!”

Senior Nurse Manager

Reduced ligature curtain track

"The [reduced ligature curtain track] profile looks smooth and sleek"

NHS Capital Programme Manager 

Mounting plates

"Mounting plates allow for safety and great flexibility  – converting standard accessories into anti-ligature."

NHS Capital project manager

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