YewdaleKestrel Magnets
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No part of a YewdaleKestrel® installation should be able to withstand a vertically downward force of more than 400 Newtons, which is equivalent to a static load of approximately 40kg. Most readings will be in the region of 15-30kg, depending on configuration and proximity to brackets (20kg per bracket).

Designed for areas where children, adolescents and people with eating disorders are the primary users and to cater for situations where a lighter breakaway point is needed, Yewdale has two additional lower load capacity options available. The medium load capacity breaks away at approximately 17kg per bracket. The low load capacity option breaks away at approximately 13kg per bracket.

*The majority of YewdaleKestrel®️ systems have two brackets making the breakaway point double the values above, for example, approximately 40kg on the standard load capacity.

Anti-ligature bracket options

YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature systems are designed to separate from their magnetic brackets when excessive weight is applied. They are easily reattached to keep the system fully functioning.

Bracket strengths are available in standard, medium, and low load providing peace of mind for settings where a lighter breakaway point is required.

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Some YewdaleKestrel® products require specialist installation in order to be fail-safe.

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