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Offices with large glazed windows are highly popular, creating a pressing need to control glare and solar heating. We produce a range of commercial office blinds designed with unique technical features and to the exacting specifications that bustling commercial environments demand.

Our office blinds are produced in our UK-based factory, to your specific measurements and needs. We create long-lasting cassette blinds, heavy duty roller blinds, electric vertical blinds, blackout blinds, pretty much any kind of blind you can think of!

Branded blinds

An office can be transformed with a new set of blinds that match the brand's colour scheme. Armed with brand guidelines or a brand's colour hex code, we’ll produce eye-catching branded blinds that create a cohesive workplace aesthetic.

Alternatively, we can produce high-quality printed blinds with a company’s logo on them or an image of the company's choosing. Printed blinds are ideal for businesses, especially ones with high footfall outside. On sunny days when the blinds need to be lowered, people walking past can see the printed blinds and recognise the brand. This can be a great opportunity to raise brand awareness or promote a specific marketing campaign!

Why Yewdale blinds?

Years of maintenance-free service

Simple to install and exceptional after-sales support

Completely child-safe blind systems


We also supply our full range in component form

Huge range of blind mechanisms and fabrics

Blind mechanisms

We have a wide range of blind mechanisms to suit your needs. Need an electric vertical blind powered by a remote? No problem!

What about a heavy duty roller blind controlled by a detachable crank? You got it!

We have sidewinders, tubular motors, cranks, springs, wands and chains, giving you a great selection of dependable blind mechanisms.

Fabrics for different purposes

The range of YewdaleDefiant® fabrics is long-lasting, flame-retardant and tailored to specific needs. If an office suffers from direct sunlight for most of the working day, you’ll need a fabric that’s designed to stop glare or limit solar heating. 

Our Amazon fabric is designed to let in light whilst taking away that harsh glare that makes computer screens difficult to see.

Our Roach fabric has a PVC reflective coating on the back for a high level of light exclusion.

If the office has a room that needs complete darkness, our Eden Blackout fabric is the best fit for the job.

We have a comprehensive range of fabric selectors on request, so get in touch.

    The following ranges of Yewdale blinds come with a lifetime warranty: