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Yewdale has been manufacturing and providing products for the healthcare market for many years with established brands YewdaleMovatrack®, our cubicle and curtain track range and YewdaleHarrier®, collection of privacy and shower curtains in situ in many hospitals across the country.

Building upon our unrivalled experience in the health sector, we have utilised our expertise to develop and source a range of new products specifically designed for keeping your staff and customers safe.


Workplace ready kit | Essential supplies


Workplace ready kit | Yewdale

When the time is right and you want to open for business again following the Covid-19 pandemic, Yewdale can supply a ‘bespoke kit’ of essential items to help protect the safe return of your staff to the workplace.

From personal face masks, face screens and hand sanitiser through to hanging screens and mobile partitions, you can be assured that your staff are protected when on site for client visits and around the workshop, factory or showroom.

Put together your own kit from our range of PPE and protective products. Available to order by both existing and new customers.

Rollerscreen | Robust protection


Rollerscreen | YewdaleDefiant®

A low cost, easy to fix and use transparent screen which allows staff working behind counters or cash registers to protect themselves against coughs and sneezes.

Ideal for environments such as hardware stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, takeaways and other settings. Rollerscreen fixes to the ceiling and hangs in place to provide protection for when staff come into contact with the general public.


Hangerscreen | Effortless installation


Hangerscreen | YewdaleDefiant®

A lightweight and simple transparent sneeze and cough screen to protect staff and customers which can be fixed by magnets or sticky pads to false and lowered ceilings. The screen is held taut by wire side guiding and can be put up in a matter of seconds as no drilling is required.

Ideal for corporate and commercial environments as the wire side guiding system offers a barely-noticeable solution making for a stylish and neat safety feature.


Medical mask IIR | Splash resistant


Medical mask IIR | Yewdale Protect+

These type IIR medical masks (MDD 93/42/EEC, EN14683:2005) are designed for protecting healthcare staff and patients from infectious diseases. 

They have a 3-ply layered protection, are splash resistant and have an integrated aluminium nose clip.

Respirator Face mask | Filters bacteria


Respirator face mask FFP2-KN95 | Yewdale Protect+

The foldable respirator FFP2-KN95 face mask protects the wearer against hazardous airborne particles and germs that they may pick up from their work environment.

Made from a high-quality cotton woven fabric, these masks are soft and comfortable, and more breathable too. These protective face masks seal tighter to the face and are secured with soft elastic ear loops.

Nitrile gloves | Non-powdered synthetic rubber


Nitrile gloves | Yewdale Protect+

Made from a single-use, non-powdered synthetic rubber meaning there is no risk of latex allergies. These CE marked gloves will protect the hands from germs, dirt, oil, or chemicals. They are more durable than natural rubber gloves, comfortable to wear and have non-slip rough skin on the fingertips.

Blue in colour and available in sizes S/M/L/XL. Sold in a box of 100.

Apron | One size fits all


Apron | YewdaleHarrier®

These disposable aprons protect against bacteria, liquid and other contaminants. They are made from a low-density polythene which means they are softer and more flexible with the added benefit of being anti-static.

The waist ties make these aprons perfect for all shapes and sizes. Available in two colours; white or blue and come flat packed in a box of 600 aprons.

Apron with sleeves | One size fits all


Apron with sleeves | YewdaleHarrier®

These long sleeved thumb looped aprons are ideal for preventing and isolating dust, particles, alcohol, blood, bacteria and viruses. Being waterproof, they are widely used in hospitals, medicine checks, laboratories, hotels, housework, painting, coating, printing, dying, food processing etc.

Comfortable and generous in size, the apron easily ties at the back and encompasses thumb loops on the long sleeves to maximise protection of the arms, as well as the body.

Isolation gown | Provides reliable fluid protection


Isolation gown | YewdaleHarrier®

One size fits all waterproof isolation gown. Provides reliable fluid protection from splashes and spills as well as infection control. The gown is lightweight, comfortable and has elasticated cuffs  to provide a snug fit under gloves and a tie up neck closure. Available in yellow only.

Gowns | Reduces the risk of infection


Gowns | YewdaleHarrier®

These gowns are used to reduce risk of infection and create a layer of protection for both hospital staff and patients.

Our single use gowns includes sterile, non-sterile, standard and full reinforced with a second layer on the chest and sleeves for additional protection.

All fully compliant with EN ISO 13485:2016.

Coverall | All over body protection


Coverall | YewdaleHarrier®

Generously sized EN14126: 2003 Type 6 coveralls which are made from polypropylene with polyethylene coating (PP+PE) 60g/m2 to provide health and disinfection protection. With elasticated hood, legs, cuffs and waist, the coverall has a front zip fastening and available in 3 sizes:

Large - body length 178cm/chest width 135cm /sleeve length 93cm
Extra large - body length 181cm/chest width 140cm/sleeve length 96cm
Extra extra large - body length 188cm/chest width 145cm/sleeve length 99cm

Available in white only.

Yewdale Protect+ | Hand sanitiser


Hand Sanitiser | Yewdale Protect+

Yewdale Protect + hand sanitiser is available in an easy hand pump 500ml bottle which is ideal for use in the workplace and public environments. Containing 80% alcohol, the clear hand rub kills bacteria and viruses where soap and water is not available or convenient.

Made under World Health Organisation guidelines using their recommended recipe, this hand sanitiser can be used in clinical and non-clinical situations. Safe to use and tested by laboratories according to EN standards (ENlS00, EN 12791).

Anti-bacterial wipes | Kills 99% of germs


Anti-bacterial wipes | Yewdale Protect+

Proven to kill 99% of germs, these wet wipes are perfect for wiping hands and keeping objects and surfaces clean and free from germs so you have maximum protection at all times.

Dermatologically tested, the anti-bacterial formula is kind enough to use on your skin. The thick and soft texture of the wipes leaves your skin clean, refreshed and moisturised with a lime scented fragrance.

Non-contact thermometer | Effective and convenient


Non-contact thermometer | Yewdale Protect+

This non-invasive thermometer provides an effective and convenient method of measuring the temperature of sick patients with possible Covid-19 as the user can stay a safe distance away from the patient.

The thermometer can be pointed at the patients forehead and will gauge a temperature between 25c to 35c from 5cm to 8cm away. A popular thermometer as it avoids contact with the skin and contamination between patients.

Movascreen | Durable partitioning


Movascreen | YewdaleMovatrack®

With the need for hospitals and healthcare settings to quickly deploy extra bed space, Movascreen offers a hygienic and quick privacy screening solution for patients between beds where you can’t utilise curtains.

The free-standing partition comprises of a panel which is made from anti-bacterial easy clean PVC and firmly secures to a durable powder coated steel post frame, making Movascreen very flexible and hygienic in its use. These can also be fitted with wheels for easy manoeuvre.

Movascreen Lite | Social distancing screening


Movascreen Lite | YewdaleMovatrack®

Movascreen Lite offers a quick screening and partitioning solution to help promote social distancing.

Ideal for public spaces and commercial environments such as retailers, transport hubs, offices and warehouses to promote safe queue control or to protect individuals working in close proximity.

The lightweight free-standing partition comprises of an anti-bacterial easy clean PVC coloured or clear panel which makes Movascreen Lite very flexible and hygienic in its use.

Cubicle track | Maintenance free


Cubicle track | YewdaleMovatrack®

One of the most highly regarded hospital cubicle track systems in the UK. Movatrack provides patient privacy as well as long term maintenance free reliability for hospital and healthcare settings.

Known for its durability and Biosafe accreditation for effective infection control, the system is carefully built to your required measurements or supplied in individual form for your own installation teams.

Disposable curtains | Antibacterial properties


Disposable Curtains | YewdaleHarrier®

Within our YewdaleHarrier® range of cubicle and shower curtains we offer disposable cubicle curtains which are vital for maintaining infection control in hospitals.

The curtains are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are treated with a Biosafe antibacterial formulation. Provided with eyelets to fit existing tracks or with an easy load glider system, the curtains can be hung up or taken down very quickly. They can be used with our YewdaleMovatrack® range or with your own cubicle and track system.

Bespoke Products | Call or email us today!


Bespoke products

If you can’t see a product that suits your needs, please give us a call. As a UK manufacturer we can make bespoke products very quickly.


Here are a few more of our products you might be interested in:

Conventional Curtains

The YewdaleHarrier® conventional cubicle curtain range provides readymade and fire-resistant curtains that have a primary infection control focus whilst providing increased levels of dignity in hospital environments.



The Movagate is the ultimate solution where there is a requirement for a hoist. Designed with a sprung-loaded hinge and magnetic latch, it allows the hoist to pass easily through the track whilst maintaining 100% patient privacy.


101 Mobile track

The 101 mobile curtain divider track system revolutionises space utilisation in hospital wards. Cubicle widths can be altered in seconds by nursing staff in response to changes in medical requirements.




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