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A little bit about Yewdale

Yewdale concentrate every little bit of their power into providing blind/track systems and anti-ligature solutions for all applications worldwide. We make sure all of our products are produced to commercial standards and in accordance with government guidelines so that when they reach you, there’s nothing to worry about.

We always pride ourselves on being able to offer the full spectrum; we stock products built to exacting standards as well as unique brands and patented products exclusive to ourselves. So the products we sell are pretty top notch but the service we provide is just as good. All staff, whether they be management, office or warehouse, are governed by the following mission and vision statements:

A team dedicated to seeing things differently!

At Yewdale we’re proud of our values and our ethos. Working as part of the Yewdale team is about more than enjoying a great job or being part of an energised team. At Yewdale we genuinely believe in seeing things differently, going further than others and giving more than the rest. Speak to any of the Yewdale team and you’ll very quickly feel the smile and energy coming through.


We believe that you can never give too much - because we care

Yewdale is committed to giving and supporting charity right from the start with donations being made to many including:Cancer Research UKSave the ChildrenRoyal Navy & Royal Marines CharityRNLIDiabetes UK