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  • Movagate

  • The Movagate is the ultimate solution for suspended curtain track system cubicle tracks where there is a requirement for a hoist. Designed with a robust sprung-loaded hinge and magnetic latch technology, the Movagate allows the hoist to pass swiftly and easily through the track whilst maintaining 100% patient privacy at all times. The maintenance-free Movagate is supported with white suspended V-hangers to ensure a firm and positive installation. White powder-coating incorporating Biosafe antimicrobial treatment.

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Movagate provides the ultimate solution. Due to the rigidity of the YewdaleMovatrack® curtain divider track system, this simple but effective solution is designed to be retro-fitted to any existing YewdaleMovatrack® arrangement or installed with a new installation of YewdaleMovatrack® curtain divider track. Available worldwide, Movagate has enabled Architects, Trusts and Contractors to approach both patient handling and privacy in a new light and is now revolutionising the design of patient areas.