The popular YewdaleDefiant® Thames fabric range is set to remain in Yewdale’s family of fabrics. It comes after it was decided to discontinue Thames in light of new fabric ranges being introduced. However, we listened to our customers who requested that the fabric range should remain, and so we have done just that.

As a result, Thames fabric will be available for all your future projects, with a small change being introduced to benefit wholesale customers further.

Rolls of Thames roller fabric currently come in a width of 2.3m, but as this stock runs out and new stock comes in, it will be changed to rolls of 2m. This makes the fabric a more convenient, cost-effective and manageable size and helps to reduce wastage in the manufacturing process.

An important benefit to recognise is also the fact that the fabric is available for future projects, which allows for continuity to be sustained across a project that may have previously used Thames fabric. We all know how much of a struggle it can be matching a new fabric to an old fabric that’s been discontinued.

Thames fabric will still be available with all the features you know and love:

16 colours
Flame retardant
Wipe clean
Biosafe® accredited
Coated dimout fabric
Lifetime warranty
Moisture resistant
Glare reduction

For more information, get in touch with your Business Development Manager who will be more than happy to discuss the benefits and applications of YewdaleDefiant® Thames fabric.