We’re pleased to launch our new reusable range of cubicle screen and curtains for use within hospital wards.

Made from anti-bacterial PVC wipe down material which is not only hygienic but a much more sustainable alternative to conventional or disposable curtains.

YewdaleHarrier® Barrierscreen

Barrierscreen is a vision panel partition used to socially distance beds within a hospital ward and ensures that patients feel safe and secure in the adjoining bed.  A split vision roll up panel offers both privacy and visibility for the patient and staff.

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YewdaleHarrier® Barriercurtain

Barriercurtain is made from fibreglass PVC coated fabric which is tough and durable. The curtain is pressed, pre-pleated and supplied flat packed for easy hanging.

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YewdaleHarrier® Stericurtain

Stericurtain is made from polyester PVC coated fabric which gives it the flexibility to drape like a standard  curtain and is the most cost effective alternative to conventional curtains.

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Benefits of reusable

Better infection control

Disposable curtains are perceived as being better at infection control but in practice, they would need to be changed immediately after every patient.  With our new reusable range, bodily fluid spills can be cleaned immediately using a detergent or disinfectant, and after every patient as part of the daily bed changing cleaning routine. 

No room delay

Our new products can all be cleaned and sanitised in-situ as part of the bed cleaning process causing no room or bed delay waiting for porters to take down and replace curtains or screens.

Cost saving

Over 10 years where disposable curtains are changed every 3 months, hospitals switching to reusable could be seeing a 75% reduction in their spend on curtains.  Additionally, there are no waste disposal, facilities and laundry service costs.

Better for the environment

The health and care system in England is responsible for an estimated 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint.  Moving to reusable products drastically reduces the impact on the environment and with a lifetime warranty on our reusable curtains and screen range you won’t need to replace them for many years.

Speak to an account manager today to get an insight into the costs you could be saving by switching to reusable cubicle curtains and screens on 01268 570900 or email [email protected].