Yewdale has just launched a promotional video for its new range of hospital cubicle curtains and screening.

The video was recorded at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with the collaboration and support of Sodexho facilities management and healthcare supplier Volvina. 

Filmed over one day at the leading hospital where they are already trialling the new products in some of their wards.  The new reusable range will save the hospital thousands of pounds of budget over the long term and will help the hospital to reduce its carbon footprint.

Made from anti-bacterial PVC wipe down material, Barrierscreen, Barriercurtain and Stericurtain are all hygienic and prevent the spread of infection. Barrierscreen also provides safe social distancing within wards without the need to lose a bed.

Stoke Mandeville are leading the way in reusable and eager to see other NHS trusts ditching their reliance on disposable products and following their example.

Watch the promotional video here:

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