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  • K509PW Toilet Roll Holder

  • The YewdaleKestrel® K509PW magnetic toilet roll holder provides another anti-ligature solution for an area that may otherwise be difficult to monitor. High grade, lightweight swivelling plastic holder securely holds one toilet roll. Mounted on a high quality moulded polycarbonate K09AW YewdaleKestrel® mounting plate (included).

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The lightweight, anti-shatter polycarbonate construction of the K509PW offers a simple, practical and fail-safe method of supporting rolls of toilet paper. Mounted to a K09AW backing plate and complete with hidden magnetic brackets, this item will part from its wall brackets under excessive load.


The magnetic anti-ligature YewdaleKestrel® K509PW toilet roll holder as manufactured by Yewdale, +44 (0)1268 570900. Lightweight, anti-shatter polycarbonate construction complete with magnetic brackets to allow plates to part from brackets under excessive load.


O+M Guidance

It is an NHS Estates requirement that items suspended on load-release support systems should be maintained and load-tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on an annual basis. The YewdaleKestrel® system is maintenance free and its performance remains constant even after repeated use. It is a requirement, however, to carry out a physical inspection of YewdaleKestrel® fittings to identify any possible damage or evidence of tampering.

Safety Note

Sensitive electronic equipment may be damaged by proximity to a magnetic field and should not come within 150mm of the underside of the brackets. Any load-release device, by its nature, may cause damage when operated. Articles suspended from the YewdaleKestrel® magnetic anti-ligature system will come down when pulled.

YewdaleKestrel® products are designed as standalone products only. Care should be taken when assessing or arranging a room to ensure that YewdaleKestrel® products cannot be misused in conjunction with any other item, furniture or fixings in the room. It is the responsibility of the end user or client to ensure the product is suitable for the environment it is being installed in. YewdaleKestrel® products must be fitted by a qualified professional following the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so could jeopardise the product’s effectiveness as an anti-ligature system.