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  • C25 Low Voltage Electric

  • Part No C25-60, C25-90
  • The YewdaleDefiant® C25 electric cassetted blind features a low voltage Yewdale motor as standard. The cassette is designed for top or face fixing andaccommodates 40mm grooved aluminium barrel, housing the 24v DC Yewdale motor. The motor is controlled by a switch/transformerwhich may be surface or flush mounted. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel. It has an aluminium Tear Drop bottom bar and black or white hardware as standard.

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Dim OutYesYes
Black OutYesYesYes
Fire RetardancyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Suitable for roller blindsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Suitable for vertical blindsYesYesYesYesYes
Anti BacterialYesYesYes
Wipe CleanYesYesYes
Wipe with damp spongeYesYesYes
Suitable for moist conditionsYesYesYesYesYesYes
100% PolyesterYesYesYes


Fingertip control and a slim yet sturdyaluminium construction help this blind to lend an airof luxury to any environment and makes theC45 a perfect choice for motorised requirements. Its quiet and reliable motor ishoused within the barrel and supported subtly without the use of brackets.


Black or white hardware; With side channels, C45-60/90; Remote and/or groupcontrol systems in place of single switch;Tracker fabric retaining system; Available inany RAL colour.


YewdaleDefiant®C25-60/90 low voltage electric cassettedblind as manufactured by Yewdale,+44(0)1268 570900. Flame retardant fabricfrom the YewdaleDefiant® range, locked intogrooved 40mm aluminium barrel along withaluminium Tear Drop bottom bar as standard. Lowvoltage 24v DC Yewdale motor is housed withinblack/white aluminium cassette.

CodeDescriptionCassette size (HxD)Barrel size Øchannel size (WxD)
Electric 24v77 x 73mm
105 x 95mm

Based on fabric weight of 400g/m², e.g. Dart. Larger sizes may be possible with lighter/thinner fabrics. Sizes shown in millimetres unless otherwise specified.