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Roy | Sales


Roy | Business Development Manager

Fact: 2 best bits about work: smashing targets, and helping clients (Oh, and lunch)

Yo, yo, yo… I’m Roy! I’m always ready to help our customers, looking after their needs and seeing how Yewdale can provide solutions. I support Greg from the office as he's often out and about - which keeps me very busy, but I always make sure there’s always time for lunch! I spend most of my time interacting with customers over the phone, lifting their day with a spot of humour in my own unique way and being serious when it’s more important. I’ve been in sales all of my career so far and there’s a particularly fun atmosphere here - we get up to all sorts! My personal aspiration would be to become a pilot but I don’t think it’ll happen. Instead I’ll have to settle for second best which is to be an all-round decent bloke!


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