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Mike | Operations


Mike | Order Checking

Fact: I believe that it’s not truly Friday till its 3.30pm

Outside of work I’m busy saving the world. There’s even videos on YouTube to prove it, from those fast enough to have caught me in action… but when I’m just ‘Mike’ I’m Yewdale’s chief checker. Basically, I turn up check work, work out and process fabric requirements, check more work, work out more fabric, check more work, and go home. I’ll usually go on at least one walk around the factory per day too, handing out the paperwork for urgent jobs as required. The whole job role sounds simple, doesn’t it, but it’s not. Several years of product knowledge here coupled with two intense years cracking the whip as a factory foreman set me in good stead for the appointed role. Now stop reading this and get back to work, I’ve got some checking to do!


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