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Lynette | Procurement Manager


Lynette | Procurement

Focused: When I’m concentrating hard on something it’s easy to make me jump! (Brian is a terror... Can’t count how many times he has scared the living daylights out of me!)

Hello! I’m the person who makes sure we have what you want, ready and waiting for you to order it. I am Yewdale’s Procurement Manager so it is my job to check and adjust stock levels and place orders for raw materials. Some see it as a bit of a balancing act but really it means I get to ensure we provide our customers with a superb service.

I have a background in customer service, and so I know what is important to our clients and am able to keep them in the loop with the information they need. The more information we can pass on the better. Communication is important, and I believe that the whole stock system works better if you involve more people and question things closely.

In my spare time I love to keep busy, being with my friends and family – can’t beat being with my nieces and nephews! My goals are to do the best I possibly can with what I have… oh, and to visit somewhere outside of Europe one day!


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