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Duncan | After Sales Assistant


Duncan | Sales

Typical day : Drink Coffee, Solve Problems

Believe it or not, I used to work at Yewdale for the first six years of my working life, before we were even called Yewdale! I left to cover a variety of roles and lived in Italy for 11 years (I still miss the warm Italian climate!). I returned to Yewdale in October 2017 with a firm understanding of sales, customer care and service. As a result, I happily help customers during and after the sales process, assisting them if they need it and keeping them up to date.

I like to unwind in the garden: currently I am trying to tame the wilderness in the backyard of my new home. I’ve spent countless hours uprooting shrubs and filling in ornamental ponds to create a lawn for my two boys – it’s hard to play football on a pitch with a pond in the middle of it! Perhaps we should have taken up fishing instead!


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